After more than 1 year of hard work, we are thrilled to announce that Roco IDO is over, with $600,000 raised!

It was wonderful to see the supports from the community as we sold out $600,000 worth Roco token at the the public sale within two days.

An exceptional milestone…

We created RocoStarter to connect the best crypto projects launching on Avalanche with our passionate decentralised community. Today we are proud to announce our first DeFi IDO. Welcome, Pollen DeFi!

Project overview

Pollen DeFi is a unique and innovative decentralised finance protocol. The community manages crypto asset portfolios and associated indexes together as a team.

A multi-trillion dollar market needs a truly decentralised asset management ecosystem providing equal access to financial opportunity to all. Traders build reputation to top the…

Congratulations to Talecraft with such a great launch to Avalanche Ecosystem!

Roco Finance and Avalaunch conducted the public sale of Talecraft on their IDO platforms, here’s some details about the results:

Announcement made: 15th of November
KYC opened: 17th of November
Staking round opened: 19th of November
AMA held: 20th

Roco Finance mediates with the RocoStarter IGO platform to promote valuable and promising game projects at the seed and incubation stage. It organizes IGOs for partner companies to meet and invest with masses of players. It provides technological opportunities for partner companies to use the blockchain infrastructure. Provides technical support…

Token metrics is a branch of token economics, it plays a key role in aligning incentives within the project’s ecosystem amongst early supporters, community participants, partners, and the core team. This article aims to provide a breakdown of the $ROCO token metrics, the token sales, and the vesting schedule.

What’s $ROCO ?



Roco is a crypto asset which offers an ecosystem of integrated blockchain software products for games.

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