Rise Online is meeting with blockchain by Roco Finance

4 min readSep 23, 2021


Breaking new ground, Roco Finance has now started to develop products that will integrate blockchain into the games. We are currently testing our products in our first partner game called Rise online. We set out with the mission of a technological service provider on blockchain not only for our own games, but also for all games in the global market. The main purpose of Roco Finance is to provide service to game developers, content creators and player communities through the blockchain network.

Blockchain gaming platform, Roco Finance is piloting unique solutions for the numerous problems plaguing the gaming space. By combining blockchain technology infrastructure with its gaming solutions, the Roco Finance platform lowers the entry barriers for game developers, content creators, and player communities.

Roco, provides NFT services to game developers and player communities for the management, distribution and exchange of virtual items. It enables these transactions to be carried out over the blockchain network. Creates staking pools for partner gaming companies to manage and earn rewards for their players. At the same time, Roco holders can earn rewards by staking their tokens in staking pools. Roco also provides open source software development kits (SDKs), APIs, game add-ons, virtual items management applications and a payment systems platform service.

Victory is always achieved by hard work with the right strategies and methods. Rise online adds a new perspective to the Play and earn philosophy.

Now, Rise online goes beyond the classic and boring money making methods. Riseonline will work integrated with blockchain and enable users to earn crypto assets within the game. Now is the time to add value to your time. Within the game, players will be able to earn Roco tokens which is the crypto asset of Roco Finance.

The first game partnered with Roco Finance is Rise online in MMORPG style. Numerous events will be held in this game where you can earn Roco Tokens.

When you defeat monsters in the game, Roco tokens will drop like a usual item drop. However, you will also have the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars worth of Roco tokens at Boss Events. You can also earn Roco tokens with airdrops that will be made in the game at certain intervals. Roco tokens to be distributed in the game are calculated with a specific algorithm. The amount of Roco tokens to be distributed will vary according to the market price. One million USD worth of Roco tokens will be distributed to game players per year.

Players can earn Roco tokens with many events at Rise Online such as ;

Roco token rewarded missions.

Roco token drops from defeated monsters.

Boss Events.

PVP Tournaments.

Clan Wars.

You can either use the Roco tokens you earn for in-game trading or turn them out of the game into any crypto asset you want via decentralized exchanges. Of course, the usecase of ​​Roco tokens is not limited with these. Rise online is making another revolutionary change. The purchase and sale of rare items such as Armor and Pets that can be used in-game can also be done as “NFT”. In this way, players will have the opportunity to have very rare items that no one else can own, while at the same time they will be able to sell these items back as NFT in NFT Markets. In this way, transactions will be carried out on the blockchain network in a transparent and secure way. In a sense, an NFT exchange will emerge where valuable items in the game can be converted into NFT and sold. In this way, players will witness the transformation of the Play and earn philosophy into real-world asset.

Roco Finance’s solutions for players are not limited to these. Players may want to convert their very valuable items into real-world value. For this, either the p2p exchange method is tried out of the game or intermediary websites are used. While the first method is risky and unsafe, the second method causes loss of time and additional costs to the players. The Roco token works with a transferable payment gateway system. In this way, very valuable items can be safely exchanged for Roco tokens. Not only the buyer can trade with confidence, but also the sellers can convert their Roco tokens to real-world asset in seconds.

Rise online is preparing for a revolutionary transformation. It will also perform this transformation on the Avax network. Avax network offers the best solution among users with its low commission and high speed advantage. Let’s experience this great transformation together.

We are coming with many partnerships. Stay tuned!

Please visit the website for more informations about Riseonline.

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