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The Online Gaming Dilemma

Some of these problems include:

  • The Problem Of p2p Trading

Peer-to-peer trading of in-game items between players is quite arduous. This is because most gaming platforms are not optimized to facilitate secure peer-to-peer trading for multiplayer games. Gamers who want to trade in-game items have to go outside of the game and use other item-swap platforms, exposing themselves to the risk of fraud. This flaw increases the chance of unfair trades and duplication.

  • Lack Of Flexibility

There is an absence of in-game currency flexibility in many online games. This means that gamers cannot transfer and use the same currency across different game platforms — they are forced to grind for a new type of currency on each game. The grinding process can be time-consuming and creates unpleasant gaming experiences.

  • The Blockchain Barrier Of Entry

While blockchain gaming integration sounds like a great idea for game developers, carrying out this process can be quite burdensome. It requires a tremendous amount of research, marketing promotion, and security updates. This is one of the reasons many online gaming companies steer clear of blockchain technology. However, considering the merits that blockchain can provide, this looks like a lost opportunity to build multiplayer games with new, incredible features powered by blockchain.

  • Crypto Marketing Limitations

Developers that manage to integrate blockchain gaming and token-based features into their game functionality face the next hurdle of marketing these unique traits of their game. Cryptocurrency-powered games are not yet mainstream. Given this fact, it is difficult and expensive to convince players or investors to hop on this bandwagon.

Blockchain Gaming: The Roco Finance Solution

1.Secure Peer-To-Peer Trading Solution

Roco Finance created its NFT market place which allows gamers to easily purchase or sell their in-game items in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This platform is fully transparent and gives gamers the ability to buy sought-after virtual items or sell them with peace of mind.

2. The ROCO Payment System

Roco Finance native token, $ROCO is the primary facilitator of payment within the Roco Finance t ecosystem. All games powered by Roco Finance will have $ROCO integrated into their game economics. This means that players can transfer and use their in-game currency across different game platforms!

3. Provision Of Blockchain Infrastructure

Roco Finance helps game developers integrate blockchain gaming features into their games by providing crucial blockchain infrastructure including; APIs, open-source software development kits (SDKs), virtual items management applications, and an optimized crypto-powered payment system. This will lower the barrier to entry for gaming companies interested in taking advantage of blockchain technology.

4. Blockchain Gaming Marketing Solutions

Roco Finance helps blockchain-based games to promote and market their products through the Roco Starter IDO. Roco Finance will organize IDOs for promising projects, provide technical support and contribute to their token economics during the seed and incubation stage of development.

Roco Finance Community Offerings

Some of these offerings include:

  • Staking: Network participants can stake their ROCO tokens to earn passive recurring income via Roco Finance’s staking mechanism.
  • Liquidity Provision: Roco Finance ensures that developers can access seed funding and liquidity while rewarding the community for their participation.
  • NFT Marketplace: Through its NFTs marketplace offerings, Roco Finance network users can purchase a unique permanent certificate of ownership of digital assets.

‘’The challenges of online gaming are omnifarious. Vices like trade fraud, high barriers to entry, and marketing limitations will continue to propagate in the absence of real solutions. Our goal is to provide seamless blockchain-based solutions to these problems. We will continue to work with our partners to build a system that allows blockchain and gaming to operate in perfect symbiosis.” Sebahattin AKAY, Roco Finance CEO

About Roco Finance

Roco Finance is a multilevel, blockchain-based solutions provider for the gaming industry. Roco Finance plans to drive the evolution of online gaming with targeted industry-focused solutions to help promising gaming projects reach their full potential.

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Roco is a crypto asset which offers an ecosystem of integrated blockchain software products for games.