Roco Finance Public Sale Has Concluded!

After more than 1 year of hard work, we are thrilled to announce that Roco IDO is over, with $600,000 raised!

It was wonderful to see the supports from the community as we sold out $600,000 worth Roco token at the the public sale within two days.

An exceptional milestone has been achieved for Roco Finance and its community, which has never stopped supporting us and contributing to the realization of a dream, which initially was the dream of a small group of people, but soon became the dream of hundreds of people and even earlier, that of thousands of people and in the end, REALITY. We couldn’t ask for a better community!

From December 2017 until today, we have never stopped working hard, evolving more and more, day by day, passing through numerous difficulties, satisfactions, emotions and incredible results.

To date, we can say that Roco Finance together with all its community, have grown together, and if today we are where we are it is also thanks to you, that through advices, donations, criticism, questions, you have offered additional value to Roco Gamefi eco system.

Summarizing what has happened, we want to remember that we have riased $ 3,600,000 during seed and public sale. $500,000 raised during public sale at Avalaunch and $100,000 raised during public sale at Hoopoe launchpad platforms.

Roco token will be listed on TraderJoe and Pangolin with total of 840.000$ liquidity on 20th of October at 10 AM UTC.

The distribution of all Roco tokens will take place on the same day: IDO participants will be able to claim their tokens at 16PM UTC, while Seed sale participants are able to claim their tokens at 18PM UTC, which is 2 hours after public sale participants.

Roco token contract address: 0xb2a85C5ECea99187A977aC34303b80AcbDdFa208

Roco Farming pools will be released at Pangolin. Afterwards, Our stake and farm pools will be activated on our platform.

Token Metrics

Sale Metrics

Seed and Private Sale 36M tokens ($0.1)

Public Sale: 5M tokens ($0.12)

Total Hard Cap $4.200.000

Initial Circulating Supply 8.600.000

InitialPrice $0.12

Initial Market Cap $1.032.000


Foundation 6 months cliff, 8.33% monthly for a year

Ecosystem 30 days cliff, 25% unlocked quarterly over a year

Liquidity Provision 100% unlocked, 33,3% will be used for pool liqudity on Pangolin at the beginning.

Strategic Services 30 days cliff, 8.33% a month for 12 months

Sustainability 2 years cliff, 16.66% a month for 6 months

Seed & Private 10% unlocked, 3-month cliff, 5% monthly for 2 months, 80% 60-month linear distribution.

Public Sale 100% unlocked.

Funding Allocation

10% of the total funds ( $420.000) will be used for pool liquidity at Pangolin. Roco Finance reserves its right to make additional buybacks or increase the liquidity of the pool, depending on the situation of the market.

50% of the total funds ( $2.100.000) will be used for developements. This signifies improvement and operational costs of all technology What is explained in this whitepaper: smart contracts, wallets, SDKs, APIs, game add-ons, third-party add-ons and Other updates on Roco token. This will also includes additional full-time recruitment developers and consultants to speed up development to meet or exceed roadmap goals and expansion targets.

20% of the total funds ( $840.000) will be used for marketing. Marketing is the perception that first occurs in the minds of the users. This perception is created through social media today. We will allocate our marketing budget to social media and high-read news sites.

10% of the total funds ( $420.000) will be used for security. We know that success brings enemies. We will develop a high level security protocol for Ddos and similar attacks on our platform. Our smart contracts will be audited and we will provide the service in the safest way for users.

10% ( $410.000) This amount will be set aside for unforeseen costs.

Road Map (2021)

Q4 2021

Public sale/token trades

Roco Stake Pools Launches

Roco Starter Launches

Roco NFT Market 1.0 Vers. Launches

Blockchain Integration Of Riseonline Starts

Developing of SDK and API Starts

Developing of Payment Gateway Starts

Developing of Mobile Wallet Starts

Riseonline Closed Beta Version Launches

Closing Thoughts

Words can not describe the intensity and emotions that our team went through by doing this IDO. It literally was the roller-coaster ride of our lives!

Colored in all colors, with good and bad, ups and downs, achievements to fulfill our souls and failures to teach our minds, our First Chapter in the Blockchain Era of Roco was an amazing experience that made us stronger, more unite, more inspired and more dedicated than ever before.

We thank everyone for bringing in their lives our child, Roco, and we are honored to invite you to continue to contribute to its growth!

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Roco is a crypto asset which offers an ecosystem of integrated blockchain software products for games.