Roco Finance Raised $3.6 Million in Seed and Private Sale Rounds

3 min readSep 21, 2021


Roco is a decentralized GAMEFI platform which provide blockchain services to game developers, content creators and player communities through the blockchain network. Roco developed on AVAX network for using in Roco Finance’s own game ecosystem and partner games. Roco plans to drive the evolution of online gaming with targeted industry-focused solutions to help promising gaming projects reach their full potential.

It is the first project that aims to unite both game developers and player communities with the Play and Earn philosophy with blockchain. While making improvements for players to gain crypto assets in the game with game add-ons, it also provides a decentralized platform service where players can buy and sell their virtual items with the NFT Market, thus ensuring that NFTs have real world asset.

In building a GameFi derivatives protocol that facilitates unparalleled access and exposure to virtual assets, Roco Finance is excited to announce its raise of $3.6 million from several institutional investors as well as VC firms.

The amount was raised in two rounds: Seed and Private sale. Our amazing community of investors and supporters includes Alameda Research, Huobi Capital, Avalaunch and others. We welcome them to our Roco Finance family.

Our Public sale will be at Avalaunch platform and 5 Mn Roco tokens will be sold with the price of $0,12. Date of public sale will be announced soon.

Token Economics of Roco Finance

We had a very exciting seed sales period for the Roco team. We have taken care to ensure that our supporters are not just investors but people who will be our long-term companions. We would like to thank the Avalaunch team
for their support during this process.

The Roco team continues to work rapidly. We want to achieve the best for all our users. We give you the promise of success already. Thank you to our entire community for supporting us thus far.

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Roco is a crypto asset which offers an ecosystem of integrated blockchain software products for games.