Roco Finance x Talecraft Stakedrop Campaign

Congratulations to Talecraft with such a great launch to Avalanche Ecosystem!

Roco Finance and Avalaunch conducted the public sale of Talecraft on their IDO platforms, here’s some details about the results:

As Roco Finance aims to support projects that launch on Rocostarter, we are glad to announce that we have started a StakeDrop campaign with Talecraft!

Stake $ROCO and earn $CRAFT

  • 5000 $CRAFT tokens are allocated for investors who stake their $ROCO tokens on
  • Minimum $ROCO token amount for participating in Stakedrop Pool is 50, while the maximum amount 250.
  • This pool does not allow more than total number of 500,000 $ROCO tokens.
  • Stakedrop Campaign is live on 08.12.2021 at 14.00 UTC, for 30 days.
  • There’s no penalty for deposit and withdrawals for Stakedrop Campaign.



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Roco is a crypto asset which offers an ecosystem of integrated blockchain software products for games.