Sep 24, 2021

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Roco Finance Token Metrics

Token metrics is a branch of token economics, it plays a key role in aligning incentives within the project’s ecosystem amongst early supporters, community participants, partners, and the core team. This article aims to provide a breakdown of the $ROCO token metrics, the token sales, and the vesting schedule.

What’s $ROCO ?

Roco is a crypto asset developed on AVAX network for using in Roco Finance’s own game ecosystem and partner games. The main purpose of Roco is to provide service to game developers, content creators and player communities through the blockchain network.

Roco, provides NFT services to game developers and player communities for the management, distribution and exchange of virtual items. It enables these transactions to be carried out over the blockchain network. Creates staking pools for partner gaming companies to manage and earn rewards for their players. At the same time, Roco holders can earn rewards by staking their tokens in staking pools. Roco also provides open source software development kits (SDKs), APIs, game add-ons, virtual items management applications and a payment systems platform service.

Roco Token Metrics

This is an overview of the $ROCO token and the distribution system put in place for the prosperity of the project in this space.The full token metrics can be viewed directly on the official website: 👉link.

  • Token type: ERC-20.
  • Token name: ROCO.
  • Contract Adress: 0xb2a85C5ECea99187A977aC34303b80AcbDdFa208
  • Total supply: 100,000,000.
  • Initial circulating market cap: $1,032,000(0.12USDT/ROCO).
  • Initial circulating supply: 8,600,000 ROCO.

Token Sale

With the announcement of Roco came a lot of interest and investors. We took that opportunity and prepared three different sale stages namely Private Round, Seed Round and Public IDO to put the project on the right course. Let’s dive into the token sale data and economics.

  • Hard cap: $4,200,000.
  • Private and Seed Round : $3,600,000 (0.1USDT/ROCO)- Completed.
  • IDO: $600,000 (0.12 USDT/ROCO)-Not started(Date: TBA).

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