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It is designed as a game bundle that will include games in styles that will appeal to different game tastes. It will be accessible on the Akitavax website, also on App Store and Play Store for mobile phones. Players will be able to interact with each other through their own avatars and also compete each other. All players will have an equal chance to earn various rewards based on their time spent in the game and their achievements. The first game is planned to be an immersive and lucrative skiing game named Sky Mountain.


Akitax Token is released to be the flagship token of The Akitavax Project running on Avalanche Network. The idea of the fairest ecosystem is the starting point of Akitavax Project, and Akitax Token is planned to be at the center of this ecosytem. Akitax Token is designed to be used for crypto investment tools such as;


Akitapad is a platform that will allow newly issued projects to be listed with a fair tier structure. Startups who want to launch on the platform can fill out the IDO application form and send it for review. At the same time, it is aimed to provide consultancy to support startups and increase their earnings. After being reviewed by the Akitapad team, it is submitted to the vote of the community members. Projects that provide a majority of member votes are approved and are entitled to launch on the Akitapad.

Project Details



3.5% — SEED SALE — 5% TGE, Followed by 2 Month Cliff, Rest Every Month 5%

IGO Details | RocoStarter

Announcement : 19th of January 14:00 UTC
Registration opens: 19th of January 14:00 UTC
AMA : 21st of January 18:00 UTC

How to participate?

Go to to complete the KYC process.

  • If you have completed all these steps, you are guaranteed to participate in the Akitavax IDO.
  • Please note that if you have staked your 500 ROCO, you accept the lock periods of those tokens and $AKITAX vesting system as well.

Please note that:

Users will be able to stake their 500 ROCO tokens for participating in IDO, while they are rewarded in total of 5000 ROCO tokens in $AKITAX IDO Pool.

Users will be able to unstake their $ROCO tokens after 7 days.

After the pool closes, you have entered the Akitavax IDO!

Claiming $AKITAX tokens on RocoStarter starts 24.01.2022 10.30 UTC

Important notice:

For this process to work out properly, we strongly recommend you hold at least 10$ worth of AVAX tokens in your wallet, as the gas fee can not be calculated.

Why does everyone need to stake 500 $Roco tokens for participation?

At RocoStarter platform, everyone is allocated the same amount of tokens, by staking the same amount of $ROCO tokens. From our vision, it’s essential to find the optimum amount of tokens to be staked by investors, so 500 ROCO tokens has been decided by completing due diligence.



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