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Dogeon is a Play-to-earn Dog Breeding and Racing NFT game built on Avalanche, the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry. Avalanche is famous for being Blazingly Fast Speed, Low Cost, & Eco-Friendly.

Our beloved, cute best friends, the doggos, now join the race to win the tastiest sauces! Every doggo in Dogeon is a unique NFT, which can be traded among players. Every stable is also an NFT that brings benefits to owners. To discover the full set of Dogeon NFTs and their functionalities in game, learn more at: DOGEON — OUR NFT — YOUR ASSET

All of these NFTs can be purchased in our Marketplace. For further instruction, check out How to buy NFTs using Dogeon Marketplace. NFT Holders can gain bunch of benefits both outside and in game.

Dogeon has 2 main game modes: Adventure race (Single) and Public auto race (Multiple).

  • Adventure race: Each level of Adventure mode contains a variety of small games, and your dogs need to achieve a certain level to be able to participate in higher levels. In this game mode, you will directly control your dog to participate in the race.
  • Public auto race: In this mode, you are not directly involved in the game. Players will be notified of when the public race takes place. If it is a paid race, players will have to pay a fee to enter. Players will choose a dog and assign it to the race, and they will be notified of the results and get paid directly to the in-game mailbox once the race ends. Along with results and rewards, players will also receive a replay of the race.
  • Every race brings rewards to participants. Find out more in our Gameplay detail here.

Training sharpens your dogs’ stats. Nonetheless, depending on the Stable players use, the training process will bring different outcomes. There are maximum 10 levels for a dog to achieve, so you need to choose the appropriate Stable to train your dog. In addition, there are also consumable items such as food and energy drinks that help increase training efficiency as well. These items can be purchased on the marketplace.

Dogeon is a play-to-earn game we will show you several ways to make some profits while enjoy the game. There’re basically 3 ways to earn in Dogeon:

  • NFTs Trading
  • In-game Incentives
  • $DON Trading

Project Details


Telegram Announcement Channel:

Telegram chat:

Official Twitter channel:

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7% — SEED SALE — 10% on TGE, cliff 3 months then daily unlock 1.5 year

8% — PRIVATE SALE — 10% on TGE, cliff 3 months then daily unlock 1 year

1% — PUBLIC SALE — 30% on TGE — 14% every month for 5 months

19% — GAME INCENTIVES — 10% monthly start when game launching

For more info about Tokenomics of $DON : Kindly visit.

IGO Details | RocoStarter

Announcement : 23rd of December 2021 11:00 UTC
Registration opens: 27th of December 2021 14:00 UTC
AMA : 3th of January 2022 18:00 UTC

Registration ends: 5th of January 2022 14:00 UTC
Public sale : 6th of January 2022 16:00 UTC
Dogeon Token Claims : 6th of January 2022 16:30 UTC

10,000,000 $DON worth 300,000$, at the price of 0.03$ is allocated for Roco Finance investors.

600 ROCO are required for participating in this IDO (this number may change for future IDOs).

Public IDO Vesting:
30% on TGE — 14% every month for 5 months

How to participate?

Go to to complete the KYC process.

For completing KYC process, Roco Finance platform requires 3$ worth of $AVAX fee for once to protect platform and users for potential abuses.
For the KYC verification process, we work with Shuftipro, one of the world’s leading KYC companies.

- On the date of 27th of December, users will stake 600 ROCO tokens to earn the right to participate in Dogeon IGO.

- After you have staked your tokens, you will vote to join Dogeon IGO to buy $DON tokens.

  • If you have completed all these steps, you are guaranteed to participate in the Dogeon IGO.
  • Please note that if you have staked your 600 ROCO, you accept the lock periods of those tokens and $DON vesting system as well.

Please note that:

Users will be able to stake their 600 ROCO tokens for participating in IGO, while they are rewarded in total of 5000 ROCO tokens in $DON IGO Pool.

Users will be able to unstake their $ROCO tokens on 09th of January 2022 14:00 UTC.

IDO registrations starts 27.12.2021 14.00 UTC, ends 05.01.2022 14.00 UTC.

After the pool closes, you have entered the Dogeon IGO!

Claiming $DON tokens on Rocostarter starts 06.01.2022 16.30 UTC

Important notice:

For this process to work out properly, we strongly recommend you hold at least 10$ worth of AVAX tokens in your wallet, as the gas fee can not be calculated.

Why does everyone need to stake 600 $Roco tokens for participation?

At RocoStarter platform, everyone is allocated the same amount of tokens, by staking the same amount of $Roco tokens. From our vision, it’s essential to find the optimum amount of tokens to be staked by investors, so 600 ROCO tokens has been decided by completing due diligence.

If you hold more than tokens, you may prefer the Single Staking or Farming option as APR % will be higher during the IGO process.



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