RocoStarter | Guideline of First IGO, Talecraft

5 min readNov 17, 2021

Roco Finance mediates with the RocoStarter IGO platform to promote valuable and promising game projects at the seed and incubation stage. It organizes IGOs for partner companies to meet and invest with masses of players. It provides technological opportunities for partner companies to use the blockchain infrastructure. Provides technical support. It contributes to the token economy of projects with the staking efficiencies to be provided after the seed and culture phase, and provides safe trading opportunities to investors with the liquidity provided.

RocoStarter is a decentralized community backed startup platform on Avax network that empowers promising projects and guarantees fair participation for users who want to invest in these projects at early stages. Venture Capital and similar huge funds always have priority participation. The participation rate reserved for public sales is always below what you imagine. We aim to give equal opportunity access to all investments and opening the the locked door of the closed ecosystem of early-stage promising crypto project investments to everyone.

RocoStarter will also function as an Initial Dex Offering platform to join promising initial token offerings by holding $Roco tokens. Roco team partners with these promising projects to help them facilitate difficult processes such as marketing, development, advertising and reach potential investors easily. We provide consultancy services to our partners on public relations and media strategies. We manage the whole IDO process by our expert team. In this process, we try to keep the transparency and information transfer between both the project and the investors at the highest level. We support our partners in technology. If the project owners request, we provide them a DAO service and enable them to create a pool for staking on our platform. In this way, we provide price advantage for users and time advantage for the team from the very first step at market.

How To Use?

You will need to complete the KYC process before joining our IGOs.

You will need to stake Roco tokens at starter pool to participate IGOs. Stake the specified minimum amount of Roco tokens in the Starter Pool, go to IGOs page, vote for participating upcoming IGOs.

If your are eligable for participating IGOs, When IGO is live join IGO by clicking “Join IGO” button. Swap your Avax coin for buying the new project’s token. Once you have swapped the new token will be sent to your wallet automatically.

Everything about Talecraft IGO

TaleCraft is a PVP, play-to-earn card board game, driven by a unique mint and craft mechanic, where players grow more powerful through gamified NFT alchemy. Elemental base cards are sold weekly, allowing only the most skilled alchemists to thrive and progress in this medieval metaverse. All NFT holders will receive AVAX yield generated by the game ecosystem, rewarding the most loyal and skilled holders.


Total Supply: 30M CRAFT
Seed: 1,800,000 CRAFT at .20 USD — $360,000 USD
Strategic: 1,800,000 CRAFT at .24 USD — $432,000
Private: 2,850,000 CRAFT at .26 USD — $741,000
Public: 3,750,000 CRAFT at .28 USD — $1,050,000
Hard Cap: $2,583,000 USD

Details about vesting:

Seed: 30-day cliff, 5%, 90-day cliff, linear for 18 months
Strategic: 30-day cliff, 5%, 90-day cliff, linear for 15 months
Private: 5% TGE, 90-day cliff, linear for 15 months
Public: 35% TGE, weekly for 3 months

Public Sale :

Avalaunch: 3.21M $CRAFT worth of 900.000$, at the price of 0.28$

Roco Finance: 535.7K $CRAFT worth of 150.000$, at the price of 0.28$

For more:

By collaborating together in the Avalanche ecosystem, we are thrilled to announce that Talecraft and Roco Finance will conduct the IGO through RocoStarter.

KYC for participation opens: 17th of November
Registration (stake and vote) opens: 19th of November (or earlier)
IGO will be held on 22th of November 2021, in guaranteed allocation.

How to participate?

- Go to to complete KYC process.

For completing KYC process, Roco Finance platform requires 3$ worth of $AVAX fee for once to protect platform and users for potential abuses.
In the KYC verification process, we work with Shuftipro, one of the world’s leading companies.

- On the date of 20th of November, users will stake $Roco tokens to earn right to participate in Talecraft IGO.

Everyone is required to stake 400 ROCO tokens to participate in IGO. This number may change for different IGOs.

- After you have staked your tokens, users will vote for joining Talecraft IGO to buy $CRAFT tokens.

- If you have completed all these steps, you are guaranteed participant of Talecraft IGO.

IGO Staking & Voting Pool starts 20.11.2021 18.00 UTC, ends 22.11.2021 11.00 UTC

After the pool closes, you can directly join the IGO of Talecraft!

Staked Roco tokens are locked 6 days later after staking

Claiming $CRAFT tokens on Rocostarter starts 26.11.2021 18.00 UTC

Important warning note:

Staking for participating in IGO is opened on 20th of November, so there will be another pool for staking your $Roco tokens. And this pool requires only 400 Roco tokens, no more or no less. Staking in the Single Staking pool will not help you participating in Talecraft IGO, but earning $Roco tokens.

For all of this process to work out properly, we strongly recommend you to hold at least 10$ worth of AVAX tokens in your wallet, as the gas fee can not be calculated.

Why does everyone need to stake 400 $Roco tokens for participation?

At RocoStarter platform, everyone is allocated at the same amount of tokens, by staking the same amount of $Roco tokens. From our vision, it’s essential to find the optimum amount of tokens to be staked by investors, so 400 $Roco tokens are decided by going through due diligence.

If you hold more tokens much more than 400, you may prefer Single Staking option as APR % will be higher during the IGO process.




Roco is a crypto asset which offers an ecosystem of integrated blockchain software products for games.