RocoStarter | Prepare for The Pollen DeFi Avalanche. $PLN. Our first DeFi IDO.

5 min readDec 10, 2021

We created RocoStarter to connect the best crypto projects launching on Avalanche with our passionate decentralised community. Today we are proud to announce our first DeFi IDO. Welcome, Pollen DeFi!

Project overview

Pollen DeFi is a unique and innovative decentralised finance protocol. The community manages crypto asset portfolios and associated indexes together as a team.

A multi-trillion dollar market needs a truly decentralised asset management ecosystem providing equal access to financial opportunity to all. Traders build reputation to top the leaderboard and earn rewards. ‘Passive’ users delegate governance tokens to split rewards with those that successfully manage the portfolios. All users can reap the benefit of accessing community managed asset portfolios.

New portfolios and associated indexes, which have their own tokens, can be launched by communities through a DAO governance process. Expect well known individuals, projects and communities to set-up their own portfolios. These new portfolios will create themed indexes based on the most popular projects of the day. Want to see a GameFi index? Get your community together and launch one!


The Pollen ($PLN) governance token is central to all activity in the Pollen DeFi ecosystem.

The core utilities of the Pollen ($PLN) governance token are:

  1. Allow users to actively manage a portfolio on the platform and, if they make good decisions, to earn $PLN as rewards. If they make bad decisions, $PLN can be burned.
  2. Allow passive delegators to delegate their governance tokens to the best performing traders and share $PLN tokens as rewards for good decisions made.

As new portfolios and indexes are created on the protocol, more and more $PLN is staked into the ecosystem. For example, a popular trader from Twitter or a community leader from YouTube completes the governance process to create a new ‘GameFi’ portfolio and associated index token on Pollen. Now a new audience of users stake their $PLN tokens to be able to access the portfolio, either to manage it themselves, or to passively delegate to one of the best traders on the leaderboard.

Users of Pollen can earn $PLN as rewards for making good decisions — in either managing the portfolio successfully, or delegating to a trader on the leaderboard that does make good decisions. The flipside, when traders make bad decisions, $PLN is burned.


Marketcap at launch based on circulating supply is $520k, exclusive of liquidity provision to the DEX and CEX that Pollen DeFi are listing with at launch.

Token price for IDO is 0.65c

Token price at public listing is 0.80c

For full tokenomics please visit the Pollen DeFi Medium here. Please note, the project team are planning to update tokenomics with minor changes as part of their signing on with a primary exchange.


The team includes blockchain experienced professionals from the fields of Data Sciences, Finance, Product Development, Decentralised Governance, Communications, Data Analysis and Insight.

Read about them here.


The team are builders. They have been through Alpha testing and will deploy Beta in Q1, with mainnet following closely afterward.

Pollen DeFi is a cross chain protocol. They are deploying initially on Avalanche for an exclusive period. The team is monitoring EVM compatible chains and will deploy on multiple chains to access new users of $PLN and grow the ecosystem.

The team are updating their roadmap to include their new launch partners when they are announced, so please keep an eye on their medium post here.

Join the hive-mind on Telegram

Follow Pollen DeFi on Twitter

Visit the Pollen website

IDO details

Announcement : 10th of December 19:00 UTC
Registration opens: 13th of December 14:00 UTC
AMA : 14th of December 18:30 UTC
Public sale : 16th of December 14:00 UTC

770.000 $PLN worth 500.000$, at the price of 0.65$ is allocated for Roco Finance investors.

— 500 $ROCO are required for participating in this IDO (this number may change for future IDOs).

— Public IDO Vesting:
80% 4-month Linear Monthly Vesting, 20% Unlocked at TGE

How to participate?

Go to to complete the KYC process.

For completing KYC process, Roco Finance platform requires 3$ worth of $AVAX fee for once to protect platform and users for potential abuses.
For the KYC verification process, we work with Shuftipro, one of the world’s leading KYC companies.

- On the date of 13th of December, users will stake 500 ROCO tokens to earn the right to participate in Pollen IDO.

- After you have staked your tokens, you will vote to join Pollen IDO to buy $PLN tokens.

  • If you have completed all these steps, you are guaranteed to participate in the Pollen IDO.
  • Please note that if you have staked your 500 ROCO, you accept the lock periods of those tokens and $PLN vesting system as well.

Please note that:

Users will be able to stake their 500 ROCO tokens for participating in IDO, while they are rewarded in total of 5000 ROCO tokens in $PLN IDO Pool.

Users need to stake their 500 ROCO tokens for 15 days long.

IDO registrations starts 13.12.2021 14.00 UTC, ends 15.12.2021 14.00 UTC.

After the pool closes, you have entered the Pollen DeFi IDO!

Claiming $PLN tokens on Rocostarter starts 16.12.2021 14.30 UTC

Important notice:

For this process to work out properly, we strongly recommend you hold at least 10$ worth of AVAX tokens in your wallet, as the gas fee can not be calculated.

Why does everyone need to stake 500 $Roco tokens for participation?

At RocoStarter platform, everyone is allocated the same amount of tokens, by staking the same amount of $Roco tokens. From our vision, it’s essential to find the optimum amount of tokens to be staked by investors, so 500 $Roco tokens has been decided by completing due diligence.

If you hold more than 500 tokens, you may prefer the Single Staking option as APR % will be higher during the IDO process.

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